The vestry is a group of lay people elected by the parish to work with the rector to oversee the temporal health of the congregation. A new group of vestry members is elected at each annual congregational meeting (in January), and all communicants of Buck Mountain are eligible to vote.

Buck Mountain is blessed with an active, working vestry made up of parishioners who give generously of their time and talents. Our vestry includes people with a variety of skills and backgrounds, ages, and length of time as parishioners at Buck Mountain. Some are lifelong Episcopalians. Others are relatively new to the Episcopal Church.

The vestry meets at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month. Each meeting contains presentations about and discussion of various areas of parish life, and is attended by staff and clergy. Visitors are welcome to attend vestry meetings.

To communicate with the vestry, please contact the Junior or Senior Warden below, or reach out to any member in person. There is an “on duty” member of the vestry at each Sunday service; They are usually identified both in the bulletin and at announcements during the service. 

Current Members

P.J. Knowlton, Senior Warden

Karen Gray

Doug Smith, Treasurer

Joy McLaughlin

Art Symmes, Junior Warden

LeAnn Mitchell

Jimmy Downing

Kristine Montamat

Vestry Responsibilities

Duties of the vestry

In cooperation with the rector, the vestry:

  • Promotes the spiritual welfare of the parish
  • Supports the programs of the church
  • Manages parish property and its financial resources
  • Reports to the Bishop on the state of the parish
  • Certifies candidates from the parish for ordination

The vestry elects

  • The vicar
  • The wardens, registrar, and treasurer
  • Delegates to diocesan council (Episcopal Diocese of Virginia)
  • Delegates to Region 15 Council
  • Trustees of church property
  • Members of regular and special committees

The duties of the vestry, and their election, are discussed in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.